A Casper man will avoid prison time, provided he has no more run-ins with the law, after admitting he tried to sell some stolen televisions.

Twenty-year old Jason Jackson was given first time offender status, along with one-to-five years probation, after he pleaded guilty to one charge of conspiracy.

Investigators with the Casper Police Department say in May, there was an organized overnight burglary of nine new televisions, from the Holiday Inn on East Second Street.

Jackson was not involved that night, but later tried to sell at least one of the TV's through a closed Facebook group.

Police found the ad, and eventually traced it to Jackson.

He said in court that his room-mate told him at the time, that he wouldn't have to pay rent for the month, if he helped in selling the TV's.

If Jackson completes his probation, the guilty conviction will be cleared from his criminal record.

Several co-defendants that were involved in the actual burglary, have pleaded guilty to various roles in the case, and are waiting to be sentenced.