"It is Mid-Summer's Eve and the enchantress of Casper Mountain, Mrs Neal Forsling, is ready to lead her faithful believers on a tour of the forest shrines as she has done for nearly 40 years."

Those are the words of Nelson Olmsted from a radio recording created back in the 1960s for Pacific Power and Light's, 'Tales from Pacific Power land".

The original radio broadcast introduced the  Crimson Dawn Celebration to radio listeners far and wide.  Neal Forsling has been gone now for over 40 years, but the Celebration continues.

Thursday, is June 21st and the story telling begins at 7 p.m. on top of Casper Mountain at Crimson Dawn Park.

If your going, bring something to wear in the cool evening mountain air along with comfortable shoes.

If you like, bring cookies to share and a flash light. The bonfire begins at sundown.

Check the Crimson Dawn Facebook page and become a friend,  http://www.facebook.com/CrimsonDawnPark