The Bon Agency in Casper has  already called in catastrophic claims specialist to help work with home and cabin owners who've lost property on the mountain.

"If you have a total loss you definitely want a specialized crew in to handle the situation, because your talking about a more comprehensive loss involving a lot of contents, the structure itself."

Bon Agency President and Owner, Des Bennion says they've been in contact with clients who are waiting on pins and needles to get back on the mountain and check if their properties are OK.

He says defensible space, and the property mitigation that goes with it, is something they assess before underwriting a property.

"Ya know, we go up and take a picture of it. We'll talk with the cabin owner, cause a lot of these cabins still have a wooden roof on them or just have so much fuel around them. They do want to have a defensible space around them."

Bennion says having photos of the contents is one thing that property owners need in order to claim those losses.

So, for the majority of property owners, who haven't lost a home or cabin, if you haven't already created a photo or DVD inventory,  it's something to think about for the future.