Mixed views on whether to approve a Community Strategic Plan before a new council is seated in January won't stop continued talks and likely adoption by Casper city council later in December. Proponents of moving forward maintain the document is fluid and only a guide for future considerations, however, the document will also act as a guide for city officials as they put together the 2013-2014 city budget. City Manager, John Patterson says the numbering of the seven goals outlined, does not indicate an attempt at prioritization, rather, he says any of the seven could be number one.

Goal # 5 happens to be Infrastructure improvements. They were outlined at Tuesday's work session by Interim Public Utilities Director, Pete Meyers.  K2 Radio's Karen Snyder spoke with him after the meeting and asked about work on a GIS infrastructure database.

Completion of a storm water master plan will add to that data base along with an inventory of the city's urban forest.

Council continues its review of the Community Strategic Plan at its next work session.