The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is seeking information on a mule deer that was shot within Casper city limits.

The young buck deer was found dead near the intersection of 14th and Lincoln Streets last Wednesday. The Game Warden for east Casper, Aaron Kerr,  says they believe the animal was shot some time on the 29th of August.  He says Metro Animal Control picked up the dead animal on Thursday and noticed what appeared to be a bullet hole in the side of the animal's head.

Kerr says the incident is of concern, not only because of the poaching, but the discharge of a weapon within the city limits is also a violation.

"A poaching like this would fall into the category of a high misdemeanor, which is an up to $10,000 fine, up to a year in jail, and up to, I believe, six years loss of hunting and fishing privileges per count."

Kerr asks that anyone who might have heard a gunshot or seen anything suspicious in relation to this crime to contact him (307) 473-3419) at the Casper area Game and Fish Offices. Informants may remain anonymous.