Those in opposition to a proposed indoor public smoking ban made their point in a lengthy and comprehensive presentation to Casper city council Tuesday.

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Casper Businessman, Pat Sweeney, presented in detail the rising number of smoke-free public establishments in Casper since the last attempt to ban indoor public smoking in 2000.

According to his numbers, just two of the city's 177 restaurants still allow smoking. In addition, he says 14 of Casper's 24 bars already ban smoking, suggesting shifts are happening naturally without the need of a city ordinance.

He was joined by a number of business owners concerned with loss of revenue if smoking clientele were to go elsewhere.

Sweeney suggested amendments to the current proposal that would, for example, exempt private clubs like the VFW or Elks Club. He also says a smoker set-back of 25 feet from any building is unworkable and would have Wonder Bar patrons standing in the street to smoke.

An April 11th council work session at 3pm in the council chambers will be broadcast on cable channel three. No public comment will be taken at that time with council reviewing the current proposal line-by-line.