The Wyoming National Guard Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center will be seeing an increase in their activities this summer.

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Camp Guernsey Base Operations Manager, Colonel Harold Walker, explains that the increase is common during the summer months because it is the prime training time for National Guard and army organizations.

"As students and folks get into the summer months where the weather is a little better to train with, that's when we typically get an influx of folks here. So, our training activity increases proportionally," said Colonel Walker.

Over 5,000 soldiers, airmen, highway patrol and civil air patrol cadets will be trained at the camp in over 40 different units. These trainees will be coming from Wyoming, Wisconsin, Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska and Minnesota.

While the increase is expected during the summer months, Colonel Walker points out that camp Guernsey is becoming more of a year around regional training site. This is greatly due to  recent expansion and work that has been done at Camp Guernsey.

Some of the training activities happening this summer include- artillery direct fire, grenade launcher training, land navigation and weapons qualification.