Wyoming made its request to join the Health Care Repeal Lawsuit Monday and Governor Matt Mead wants a legal fund to back it.

But for those who support the implementation of Health Care Reform they see repeal as adding insult to injury to the Citizens its meant to benefit.

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"Any money that they would put into their war chest is just money that's not going to be spent delivering  health care  to someone in Wyoming who needs it."

Barb Rea, represents  the group Consumer Advocates; Project Health Care,  and she says they believe the Affordable Health Care Act is legally sound and was crafted to be constitutional.

Wyoming law makers, this session, will consider legislation that would make enforcing the A-C-A a felony with fines of up to $5000 dollars and as much as 5 years jail time.

Mandatory participation is at the crux of the argument.

Rea says, Consumer Advocates; Project Health Care, is working to educate the public on how the law works including the mandate.

"I think what most people don't understand about the mandate is that the whole law it has lots of pieces that work with each other and for law to change the way insurance companies do business we need to have everyone covered."

An insurance exchange could be important to getting affordable policies in Wyoming.  Rea says a Wyoming taskforce is exploring that.  " There's also a clause in the ACA that if you cant find a product in the insurance exchange for less than 8 percent of your income your gonna be excluded from the mandate. So there's lots of provisions making sure that this is gonna work for people."

Wyoming's sparse population, Rea says, means it has the most to gain from the economies of scale that come with everyone participating.

The Repeal Lawsuit is expected to be decided at the Supreme Court level.