Before you reach for a bottle of pain reliever, if it contains acetaminophen, there are important changes to keep in mind.

Joan McVoy, with the Regional Poison Center says all makers of infant's acetaminophen are reducing their concentrations. She warns during the transition, when older formulas may still be in your medicine cabinet, its extremely important to check the labels.

"A lot of people have an old bottle of Tylenol Infant Drops in their medicine cabinet and they have the new one too. If they forget, we just have a chance of overdosing small children."

An overdose of acetaminophen can lead to liver damage.

McVoy stresses its also important to use the measuring device that comes with the product to ensure your giving the proper dose.

And the changes don't just apply to children, adult doses and intervals are changing as well, so be sure and read the packaging carefully.