A carjacking incident and marijuana seizure on I-80 last Friday has a story line fit for the big screen.

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The Wyoming Highway Patrol reports that around 9 pm last Friday evening they received a call from a couple saying their car had been hijacked on interstate 80 near Sinclair.

"Someone had stolen their vehicle and left them alongside the interstate."

Patrol Sergeant Steven Townsend says as the couple were brought in and were being questioned about the alleged hijacking, troopers on I-80 spotted the stolen vehicle at the Fort Steele Interchange about 10 miles down the road where they observed the apparent hijackers offloading items from the carjacked vehicle into a red SUV.

"When troopers pulled in to contact them they took off.  A pursuit was initiated which started back toward Rawlins and during the pursuit they were throwing out packages of what was later found to be marijuana."

The chase continued back into Rawlins.  According to Townsend, one individual jumped from the SUV and attempted to run, but was captured and taken into custody with the help of Rawlins police. He says the driver eventually crashed the SUV into a snowbank and escaped on foot and is still at large.

"All in all, 170 pounds of high grade marijuana with a street value of around $425,000  was recovered in all in both vehicles.

Sgt Townsend says the case has many, as of yet, unanswered questions and remains under investigation.  The names of the three individuals in custody, including the two alleged car jack victims,  are not being released.  Townsend says it appears that the load was being transported from Utah to North Carolina.