A number of Casper residents are now looking for a new place to live.

On Thursday June 28th, the city of Casper served eviction notices to all the residents of the House of Hope, located on the six-hundred block of South Wolcott.

About sixty-to-seventy residents have until July 7th to vacate the building.

The house opened in January with a conditional use permit and the owners were supposed to make life safety improvements on the building.

City Manager John Patterson says the permit has been revoked because those improvements have not been made.

"Six months ago, when they went through the conditional use permit, they accepted as a condition of receiving that permit, five conditions and they have yet to meet those, and one of them, the most important was a life safety issue concerning a sprinkler system. They have not done that, and fire danger is immanent, so we needed to go ahead and revoke the conditional use permit."

The house of hope was co-opened by Charles Trimm, a Bishop at the New Testament Apostalic Church and by Casper Resident Leo Sanchez.

They said plans were in the works to install a sprinkler system and they were going to pay for it in increments, but that idea was rejected by the city.