The city of Casper covered the cost of housing the displaced residents of the House of Hope when it was shut down earlier this year by the city. The emergency and transitional shelter was closed down for lack of an adequate fire suppression system.

City Council approved reimbursement to Natrona County Community Action Partnership this week of just over $30 thousand dollars, "and in that they served 51 individuals, including 15 children in that mix. Thirty-two house hold units were served and they did a great work for us and for those people."

City Manager, John Patterson says many who were displaced have since been permanently housed.

At the same meeting, this week, council approved contribution of $25,000 toward upgrade of a fire suppression system at Skyline Towers in downtown Casper. Management of the 11 story senior housing facility were served a failure to comply notice in early September. Several local agencies and anonymous donors will reportedly help meet the $250,000 cost for a fire suppression system there.