A tech savvy teacher from Hot Springs County heads to Australia next month to attend the Google Teaching Academy.

First year physics, chemistry and earth science instructor, London Jenks, from Thermopolis High was selected, in part, for his creative use of technology in the classroom, where he and his students spend a lot of time on the phone.

"They usually feel like they're breaking the rules if they're using their cell phones so its a great experience for them to see their cell phones as a learning tool rather than just a way to talk to their friends."

The Google Teaching academy focuses on the use of Google applications for the classroom.

The one-day training in April in Sydney, is free, and for the 25 year old Jenks, includes a $7,000 Digital Educator grant.

But in Thermopolis, Jenks is already on the leading edge. Using Skyppe, social media and their cell phones, in and out of his paperless classroom, he says the technologies enhance collaboration and communication.

"Every student these days is carrying around basically a computer in their pocket and to be able to get the content and the learning on to those devices that they carry around everyday is something that will help students to have access to it everywhere."

Once back from Australia Jenks will be sharing what he's learned with students and teachers in Wyoming.