An escapee from the Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp in Newcastle was apprehended earlier today.

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After a day on the lam, a tip reportedly led law enforcement to 56-yr-old William Coomer who'd been missing since Tuesday afternoon; that from Conservation Camp Security Manager, Captain Ron Behnke.

"Approximately one pm the Weston County Sheriff's Department recieved a phone tip that some one had seen someone that they thought was the inmate east of Newcastle. They responded to the scene and they were able to apprehend him just east of the L-A-K lake."

Coomer had been serving time for second-degree murder when he escaped the minimum-security prison during a work detail on Tuesday.

According to a Conservation Camp spokesman, Coomer is a Texas native who was sentenced in 1982 to 20 years to life. He was paroled in 1999 and sent to prison again in 2000 for a parole violation.