Health screenings for homeless vets will be offered as part of a Homeless Veterans Stand Down Wednesday in Casper.

The event, hosted by the Sheridan VA Medical Center and the Casper Vet Center runs all day at the Casper National Guard Armory.

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Jackie Van Mark, from the Sheridan VA clinic says while the idea of a stand-down is not new, Wednesday's event at the Casper Armory will be the first for Wyoming.

"Homeless Stand Downs are done across the country at VA's from L.A. to New York and the goal is to make sure we are touching every veteran and especially providing care to men and women who don't have a home."

Van Mark says the main thing is to reconnect and, in the process, inform those veterans of services available to them, "and it is a goal of Secretary Shinseki that we eliminate homelessness among veterans within the next five years. Its an ambitious goal, but one that we' re working hard to meet."

Van Mark says veterans benefits representatives will be there to help with paper work along with mental health professionals and general health screenings, "and we're gonna have some sleeping bags and some things to hand out to maybe just ease their fear of the coming winter."


An important note --Transportation to the Armory located in Paradise Valley at, 5905 Cy Ave, will be provided hourly from the Albertson's East and West, LaCocina Restaurant, Paradise Valley Loaf n Jug, Veteran's Out Reach Center, and First United Methodist Church.

Stand Down hours are 8am to 4pm