BRENTWOOD, N.Y. (AP) — A homeless New York teenager who's a national Intel science competition semifinalist has been flooded with attention and support.

Samantha Garvey is one of 61 students who have a chance at the competition's top prize of $100,000.

She's been receiving widespread media attention for her achievement after it was reported that she and her family moved into a homeless shelter on Jan. 1.

Suffolk County officials are holding a press conference Friday morning at Brentwood High School. That's the Long Island school where Garvey is a senior.

County officials would not discuss specifics of the press conference. They promised an "exciting announcement about the family's future."

Garvey's Intel project focused on predators' effects on ribbed mussels.

She is one of 300 semifinalists. Finalists will be announced later this month.