A transient who claims to have jumped off a train in Granger last Friday may have found himself a better free ride with a stolen pickup, until it crashed in Utah. Sweetwater County Sheriff's Detective Dick Blust said that a pickup was reported stolen from the water department building the morning of October 28th.

The suspect hit town the night before and was seen walking in the vicinity of the water department building, said Detective Blust.

Jovial confession at saloon:

"Investigating deputies learned that a transient ‘off of the train’ had been drinking at the Antelope Bar in Granger the night before who said he was 'hopping trains' and headed for Chicago from Las Vegas. The train rider identified himself as Don Woodruff.

When the stolen pickup was crashed in Utah the same day it went missing, there was 41-year-old Donald James Woodruff.

Road without rails:

"Utah authorities arrested Donald James Woodruff, 41, after he was involved in a crash in West Valley City. Woodruff was driving the stolen 2005 Chevrolet Silverado, which sustained serious damage as a result."

Detective Blust said Woodruff is in custody at the Salt Lake County Jail and they are working with Utah authorities as the investigation continues.

Charges pending in two states:

"Woodruff is charged in Sweetwater County with felony-level larceny and burglary and in Utah with DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, and possession of stolen property."