On June 28, 2013, Jennifer Young, main petition sponsor, filed suit against the Secretary of State Max Maxfield concerning the referendum petition to repeal SF 104.  Young says the basis of the suit, is that the Secretary took two weeks of the allotted 90 days to produce petition forms, thereby reducing the time (by 16%) Wyoming citizens could exercise their First Amendment right of petition.

SF 104 stripped the Superintendent of Public Instruction of a major portion of the general supervisory duties and transferred them to a governor-appointed director.  Young says this  law, enacted mid-term, nullifies the people’s vote for the office and grants the governor power over education in Wyoming. Young says the petition received signatures from one out of eleven voters representing all 23 counties. 

Young says the action is to defend the right to petition in Wyoming unobstructed by administrative technicalities. She adds that if the Secretary of State can take any amount of time for bureaucratic red tape, what’s to stop him from taking 89 out of 90 days to produce petitions.