The Wyoming Department of Transportation has been fighting mother nature for weeks to keep open a highway in southeast Wyoming. A combination of wind and snow has made Highway 34 through Sybille Canyon a challenge to keep passable.

Ross Doman, with WYDOT District 1, says with the wind especially, whatever progress they've made is obliterated by the next day.

Progress lasts hours:

"It's tough going, and if you're in a passenger vehicle, you're probably not going to get through unless you're just right behind a rotary plow or something like that. And it's uncommon that the road has these kind of closures. We've been out there every day, from dawn till dusk for three weeks now, soon to be four, we keep pushing the snow back. We've got plows and bulldozers and now we've got some big rotary plows."

As of Friday afternoon, Highway 34 was open with a no unnecessary travel advisory. For for travel information you can log onto or call 511.