Despite six of eight councilmembers formally requesting his resignation last week, embattled Ward II city councilman Craig Hedquist was in attendance for Casper City Council's regular session on Tuesday.

It was the first time since May 6 that Hedquist made a public appearance at Casper City Hall – he missed last Thursday's special session and a work session on May 13. Hedquist also missed his informal public hearing on April 29.

It was during the April 29 hearing that multiple city staffers testified against Hedquist, accusing him of verbal abuse and ethics violations.

Though the subject was not discussed by most members of council during Tuesday's meeting, Ward III councilwoman Kenyne Schlager, once again, asked for Hedquist to promptly resign during council's end-of-meeting comment session.

Ward I councilman Keith Goodenough, who did not vote in favor of the resignation resolution last week, also addressed the Thursday hearing, but focused strictly on the protocol that was taken to stop council discussion so an immediate vote could be held.

When asked, Hedquist refused to comment in regard to the resolution that was approved on Thursday, but did say that a statement will be issued at a later date. Goodenough and Ward I's Daniel Sandoval were the lone dissenting votes.