Officials with the Natrona County Health Department are reminding residents about the importance of influenza and pneumonia vaccinations.

Officials with the health department say multiple flu cases have already been reported throughout Wyoming. This year, the state’s earliest flu case was reported in September.

Beth Eveland, a director of nursing services for the Natrona County Health Department, says flu shots are vital for personal and public health.

Being that we’re such a mobile society, meaning that we’re in and out of places and around a lot of people, you’re exposed to (the flu) very readily,” Eveland said. “By getting the vaccination, not only are you protecting yourself, but you’ll be protecting, you know, your family members, your loved ones, and your co-workers.”

Eveland says pneumonia vaccinations are critical for both the elderly and for those with persisting respiratory issues.

If they already have an underlying disease of the lungs, it’s very vital they get that vaccine just to prevent them from the complications of pneumonia itself,” Eveland said.

The Natrona County Health Department sponsors multiple flu and pneumonia vaccination clinics throughout October and November. Vaccination costs and a list of department-sponsored vaccination clinics can be found at the health department’s website.