Tuesday evening Casper City Council offers a public hearing on a proposal to place restrictions on the open carry of weapons in city meetings.

Members of the Wyoming Gun Owners Association say the move is unconstitutional and unnecessary.

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Casper City Council members in favor of the city ordinance change want to see the same restrictions that are currently on the concealed carry of weapons applied to their open carry as well.

Executive Director of the Wyoming Gun Owners Association, Anthony Bouchard, says he and the association he represents believe the move by council is baseless.

"They admittedly don't really have an issue. It looks like they're pushing an agenda. They're going supposedly on feelings, but they have nobody that they can say this happened with. One member of the council says he was followed home. What does that have to do with law abiding gun owners?"

Mayor, Paul Bertoglio, acknowledged during work session conversation that they have, to-date, not had any issues during any public meetings.

Casper Chief of Police, Chris Walsh, in presenting the draft ordinance change suggests it would be better not to wait until a problem arises.

Bouchard calls the move unconstitutional.

"I'm certainly shocked that they think that law abiding citizens that have a right under article one section 24 of the Constitution to defend themselves are some how to be disarmed, because they have a feeling. Its really problematic."

Bouchard says he hopes to attend the meeting, barring snow fall that might prevent him from getting to Casper. He declined to say if he would be openly carrying a weapon to the meeting.

The public hearing happens at Tuesday's regular city council meeting 6pm at City Hall.