Christmas light displays have grown quite elaborate over the years and expensive to run, but thanks to advances in energy efficiency the energy costs are going down.

For example a transition from incandescent to LED lights is making a difference.

"They talk about operation being 80 to 90 percent more efficient and traditional lights lasting, maybe, 3000 hours, where as, LED lights may last 50,000 to 200,000 hours, almost for ever."

Agricultural Extension Expert from Utah State University, Richard Beard says even if you have an old light set that's been in the family and you want to keep using it, you can get replacement bulbs that will cut down on the energy usage.

"They have retrofit LED Christmas bulbs that will screw into the traditional lighting strings - all the different sizes, all the different shapes. Those are available, but they are pretty pricey. You might spend $ .30 cents a bulb for an incandescent replacement and you might spend a $1.50 for an LED replacement bulb."

Automatic timers also help with energy savings and act as a safety measure in case lights are accidently left on over night. And Beard reminds, don't forget to use three-pronged grounded cords with ground-fault circuit interrupters and surge protectors for safety