Gov. Matt Mead is back in country after a trip to visit with Wyoming troops stationed at Guantanamo Bay. For security reasons, the governor's travel details weren't released until Tuesday afternoon. Renny MacKay, communications director for the governor's office, said that, yes, it's a morale booster for the troops, but the mission was also for the governor to check on the health and welfare of Wyoming's National Guard soldiers.

Checking on our soldiers:

"He went to the Guantánamo Bay naval base where we have soldiers from the 197th Public Affairs Detachment and they're deployed for a year. They left Wyoming in November and I think they did a month of training before they left."

Mr. MacKay said that Gov. Mead will get right back to work with a meeting scheduled Wednesday morning.

Itinerary picks up the next morning:

"The governor stays very busy. The first thing he goes to to work with the state building commission meeting and that's taken up his morning so he jumps off the plane and goes back to work."

And, there's also a proclamation scheduled for Friday.

Friday proclamation for stewardship:

"The governor is signing a proclamation on Friday. It's the Wyoming Environmental Stewardship Day."