Casper City Council agreed to chip in $2,500 to the Tipsy Taxi program this week. That's just a bit more then the program cost to run each month.

Councilman, Keith Goodenough, says the amount is not enough for a program that saves the city in both dollars and man power by preventing DUI arrests.

"Each DUI takes a certain amount of time and costs the city a certain amount of money. If a person is convicted of DUI and ends up serving jail time then that's a cost to the city as well."

The majority of the program is funded through the Natrona County Liquor Dealers Association. The city of Casper, however, holds two area liquor licenses one of which sits with the Casper Events Center. Casper Police Chief, Chris Walsh, says there were 15 alcohol related calls made to the Events Center last year.

Critics of the program say it's an open invitation for folks to go out and binge drink.