Geothermal technology and utility scale developments are on the rise according to the yearly report from the Geothermal Energy Association. Industry officials are optimistic geothermal resources will triple in the next few years.

In Wyoming the Rocky Mountain Oil Field Testing Center continues testing of new applications, specifically low-temperature geothermal projects.

Those projects look into the application of geothermally active fluids produced at working gas and oil production sites.

Dan Jennejohn, with the GeoThermal Energy Association, says the RMOTC  tests have caught the interest of the oil and gas industry as well.

"I think that the interest is there in order to see-not that they can produce power - because we know that they can from the unit in RMOTC, but I think rather what the project economics are and how the technology improves over time, because this is a relatively new application."

Karl Gawell, G-E-A Executive Director says in the year ahead there will be many projects now in development ready to move to fully fledged geothermal power plants with a second wave of development on the way.