Next Tuesday is Tasty Tuesday, a special event designed to get the word out about the GEAR UP program at Casper College.

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GEAR UP is a program for 7th to 12th grade students, and as the name suggests, its a program designed to help young people 'Gear Up', in this case,for college.

"The purpose of Tasty Tuesday is to get students who are already enrolled in GEAR UP, or students who could or should or would be enrolled in GEAR UP, we want them to show up so they can learn about the program, get paper work filled out, but also we want them to get connected with our partners."

That's Chelsea Depaolo-Lara, GEAR UP coordinator at Casper College, "and the exciting thing right now about GEAR UP, as a federal program and a grant that serves local Casper students, is that we were recently refunded for another seven years."

That refunding means all students currently enrolled in the GEAR UP program will need to reapply. That's where the tasty element of the event comes in, as they entice students in for a free ice cream sundae while they fill out that paperwork and learn about programs available to help them be successful in there academic endeavors.

GEAR UP Wyoming is funded through a $3.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education with matching in-kind and cash contributions from Wyoming's community colleges.

The “Tasty Tuesday” event is next Tuesday, November 8th, 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the Strausner Student Center, Room 217, at Casper College.