Final touches on the new Gateway building at Casper College are happening this week along with arrival of furniture. Some administrative services will be closed Friday through next Tuesday as they're relocated into the new building at campus center. College relations Director, Rich Fujita, says, as its names suggests, the Gateway building will act as the front door to campus.

"As we develop this center of campus concept we thought about other things that should be here, and certainly student services, enrollment services which includes admissions and financial aid, the cashiers office or student success center. We have upstairs whats called our one-stop concept for student services."

That one-stop shop concept will kick into gear on Wednesday August 2nd as new students use the facility for the first time for enrollment. Also located in the building, Fujita says, will be some newer programs currently scattered across campus, "Geographic Information Systems is one of our newer majors, Robotics, Electronic technology, Drafting and Design. Because a lot of the these programs were added very recently we've placed them on campus wherever we had space available. So some of them are in really illogical places."

Enrolling students will want to remember those services are closed for moving into the Gateway building this Friday, July 29th through Tuesday August 2nd. Next enrollment day happens Wednesday August 3rd.