A proposal to raise Wyoming fuel taxes by a dime a gallon has passed second reading in the house. The house rejected a proposed amendment that would have increased the tax on diesel fuel more while increasing the tax on gasoline less.Rep Mike Madden (HD-40), chairman of the House Revenue Committee, says the state highway system and local governments need a steady source of road funding.

 just changing those tax rates doesn't end the story...

Rep David Miller (HD-55) says working families can't afford to pay higher taxes.

...this would affect people, I calculate mine would be $200...

The bill must pass a third time before heading to the senate.

The so called "roadkill" bill, sponsored by Cheyenne representative Dan Zwonitzer,is causing some concern among wildlife officials.Zwonitzer says the bill came from some high school students in Cody.

 ... designed to allow citizens to pick up roadkill on Wyoming's highways....

The Domestic Partnerships-Rights and Responsibilities bill and the Marriage-Definition bill, which defines marriage as a contract between two natural persons are waiting to be introduced.The sponsor, Representative Cathy Connolly (HD-13) says she has been assured the bills will be heard.

my guess is that they are being lumped together with some of the other what are considered controversial bills....

Representative Kendell Kroeker (HD-35) is sponsoring a bill that would prohibit federal law enforcement officers from enforcing federal gun laws in Wyoming. Kroeker says he's even more convinced the bill is needed after reading a summary of the President's proposed sweeping gun legislation.

....taking away second amendment rights....

A bill would set up a Medicaid False Claims Act in Wyoming will be considered in the state Senate. The bill's sponsor Senator Ray Peterson (SD-19)says since Wyoming doesn't have such a statute, it's up to the feds to prosecute medicaid fraud in the state.

 the problem is if they decide to pull back off a case... we have no options but to pull out...


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