Gas prices are still climbing in Wyoming and throughout the country.

Analysts with say, in Wyoming, the price for a gallon of regular unleaded jumped about three cents last week to $3.62 per gallon.

Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst with, says gas prices in Wyoming are about average when compared to the rest of the region.

"Wyoming is a little bit higher than some of its neighbors - New Mexico stands about a nickel lower and Arizona stands about a nickel lower," DeHaan said. "But, in comparison to states like Montana and Utah, prices are cheaper."

DeHaan says, with the price of crude still climbing, there isn't much relief at the pump in sight.

"It remains in question how much and what's the timing, if we see any relief at the pump," DeHaan said. "Oil prices are still holding at about the highest they've been in some time, so, until we see oil prices decline, it's likely we'll see prices remain somewhat higher than normal.

Gas is selling for as low as $3.42 per gallon in Casper, $3.35 per gallon in Cheyenne and $3.39 per gallon in Laramie. The national average is $3.68 per gallon.