Another deer carcass was found west of Casper last week, and while they don't know if its related, officials at the Wyoming Game Fish Department say it mirrors a poaching event that occurred in September where a deer was killed and abandoned. Wyoming Game and Fish Communications Specialist, Robin Kepple, says abandoning a big game kill is illegal.

"This is a mule deer that was discovered along Poison Spider Road. It was real similar to a case we had back in September where the deer was taken home and hung before it was abandoned. The head was removed. The animal was field dressed and there were slits in the hind legs where people hang the deer to cure."

Following public notice of the first incident, Game and Fish received a tip that led to the solving of that case. Kepple says through the Stop Poaching Tip Program the informant received a substantial reward. Now, she says they're hoping to get help from the public again.

"Again it was found out along Poison Spider Road last week, around the 25th of October, and we're just hoping the public has some information and can come forward and help us solve this crime."

If you have information on this or another wildlife crime, contact, 877-WGFD-TIP. A reward is possible if the tip provided leads to a conviction.