The former part-time office manager for the nonprofit Casper Youth Baseball was bound over to state district court for trial during her preliminary hearing in Natrona County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Caitlyn Tolliver, 25, was arrested earlier this month and charged with one count of grand larceny for allegedly stealing more than $65,000 from the organization, according to court records.

If convicted, she could spend up to 10 years behind bars.

During the preliminary hearing, Casper Police Detective Shannon Daley told Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Hambrick the case began in July when she received a report from a Casper Youth Baseball board member who said about $50,000 was missing in the organization's account at Hilltop National Bank.

Garvin told an officer that the CYB had hired Tolliver as a part-time bookkeeper and office manager in July 2013. Tolliver’s jobs included general office duties, collecting payments and depositing them in the CYB’s account. Her salary was $24,000 a year, according to court records.

Daley told Hambrick during the preliminary hearing that a previous office manager gave Tolliver the CYB debit card for buying supplies and also told Tolliver to have the card authorized in her name.

Daley also said the board had put a $1,000 limit on how much Tolliver could spend a month on supplies with the card.

But in April 2014, board member Cindy Garvin learned utility companies were threatening to cut off service if their bills were not immediately paid, according to court documents. The board fired Tolliver in April.

Daley said Tolliver used the card at many local stores. Tolliver bought office supplies as well as home goods, storage containers, food, toys, a vacuum cleaner, press-on nails.

Daley said Tolliver converted $65,246.76 for her personal use: $34,829.38 for unauthorized debit card purchases; $1,785.96 in salary overpayments; $350.00 in unauthorized checks; and $28,281.42 in missing registration fees.

However, this $65,246.76 does not include an unknown amount for uncashed or undeposited sponsorships, fundraising “HomeRun Cards” paid for in cash, or other undeposited funds.

Tolliver refused to turn over the CYB's financial records to the CYB board. These were obtained later among the dozens of search warrants police executed at her home, and financial institutions and businesses, Daley said.

Tolliver's attorney Hampton Young asked Daley if the CYB board had attempted to reconcile its expenses with what was in the account. Daley said the board had not.

Tolliver did not testify.
She remains free on $3,000 bond.