It's well-known that Casper sits on the centerline of the total solar eclipse coming up on Monday, and therefore is one of the best cities to visit to see the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. Of course, that all depends on the weather.

And as of Thursday morning, the National Weather Service predicts Casper could see partly cloudy skies during the eclipse.

According to the NWS cloud cover forecast, 30-50 percent of the sky over Casper could be obscured at noon on Monday.

Conditions will be mostly dry over the weekend into early next week, with a zero-percent chance of precipitation and a forecast high temperature of 88 F on Monday.

That afternoon could see showers and storms over the western mountains, as well as the Bighorn and Snowy Ranges.

Riverton, Glendo and Torrington will see similar high temperatures, and no precipitation is forecast for those areas either. However, the forecast also predicts they will see 30-50 percent of the sky obscured at noon on Monday.

The odds are slightly worse in Jackson, where 40-60 percent of the sky could be covered. The forecast high is a bit lower, at 75 F, and there is a 10 percent chance of precipitation.

The National Weather Service notes that four days out from the eclipse, it is fairly difficult to predict cloud cover for Monday. However, confidence in the forecast increases as the day of the eclipse draws closer.

Also worth noting are elevated fire conditions which may result from dry and breezy conditions on Saturday, particularly in western and central Wyoming -- areas which have not benefited from recent rainfall.

Isolated afternoon storms in the western, northern and southeastern mountains are also a possibility.