The Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Consumer Health Services Section proposes amending the Wyoming Food Safety Rule. The proposed revisions are found in Chapters 1-12, 14, and a new Chapter 15 is added. Chapters 1 through 12 are amended in response to revisions to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 2009 Food Code.The revisions in Chapter 14 reflect additional areas of the Code of Federal Regulations which the Department follows in the performance of FDA contract inspections. Chapter 15 is added in response to small egg producers desiring to sell their eggs to licensed and inspected food establishments.

The interpretation of these rules has rallied a number of people to call for a public meeting for review of theses proposed regulations. According to Wyoming Food Freedom, these proposed regulations will cause the following;

Take away your right to own a cow and hire someone else to feed, care for, and milk that cow for you so that you and your family can enjoy fresh milk, cream, and all of the products thereof;

Make it illegal for you to sell salad greens out of your garden at a Farmers Market without first obtaining a "potentially hazardous" license from the Department of Agriculture. This means you could not cut the greens and wash them in your own kitchen, it would have to be in a "certified" kitchen that would cost thousands of dollars to comply.

Make it impossible to buy fresh local eggs at your local grocery store.

Millie Copper of the Weston A Price Foundation, joined us this morning to talk about the proposed amendments.

Public comments on the proposed amendments may be submitted on or before May 23, 2012. A public hearing will be held if requested by 25 persons, a governmental subdivision or by an association having not less than 25 members. Written comments or request for a public hearing may be addressed to: Wyoming Department of Agriculture, 2219 Carey Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82002.

Wyoming Food Freedom is also encouraging those concerned

to call, write, email the Governor's office and your legislators - request that the administration stop making rules and regulations without being legislated upon. And that the proposed rule is not needed and is over-regulation. Contact info Governor's OfficeState Senators, and  State Representatives.

They have also created a petition which can be accessed HERE.