Fire crews from Casper, Mills and the Natrona Fire District responded to a grass fire on the northwest side of Casper Sunday night. The Natrona County Sheriff's Department was also at the scene. Fire Investigator Dave Baker said the call came in at 8:40 pm.

Fire off of English Avenue:

"Grass fire, out off English Avenue, as you can tell, our current location right here we're actually off Poplar Street, the backside of English Avenue. Fire crews on scene found a large pile of old debris on fire, which also, at this point, it looks like is spawned a small grass fire that burned to the south and the west, approximately somewhere between a quarter and a half acre of grass have been burned up. Origin and cause is currently under investigation."

Mr. Baker said that investigation will include seeing if there were any lightning strikes or reports of people in the area. There were no reports of injuries and the fire was quickly extinguished.

Grass fire quickly extinguished:

"Quickly put out, luckily enough the grass still has a lot of moisture in due to the rains that we've had over the last couple of days, but it was actively burning, just slowly. As you can see we've still got fire crews here still trying to mop it up. We'll probably be for a couple hours still."