A Casper family's pet acted as the fire alarm in a home fire early Monday morning that caused significant smoke and fire damage.

Casper Fire Ems investigators say the fire at 1427 Cody Avenue started in the kitchen. "Investigators found a cooking accident, food left on the stove early that morning. The fire extended up the walls into the cabinets and a little bit into the attic itself."

Casper Fire-EMS spokesman, Jason Parks, says the electric stove fire also damaged one of the bedrooms. The family was alerted to the fire by their pet who woke them up in time for all four occupants to exit the building safely. He says there were no smoke detectors in the home.

Parks reminds that this is the time of year- time changes on the first Saturday of November- when fire officials urge property owners to check the batteries in their smoke alarms. Don't rely on your pet to wake you up in the event of a fire.