A couple of prostitutes from California, have admitted to doing business in Casper.

Erica Delavara and Trysha Drum from Fresno, have both pleaded guilty to one charge of prositution and were both ordered to pay a $750 fine.

Casper police say on Monday June 2nd, they were contacted by the management of a hotel, who had learned through their cleaning staff, that a number of sex related objects had been found in the trash can of a room, and noted that several different men had been going in and out of that room.

Investigators obtained a search warrant on the room, and found a number of flip phones, prepaid debit cars, more than $2,600 in cash and a tablet which appeared to contain pictures used in posting online ads soliciting prostitution.

When interviewed, both Delavara and Drum admitted to what was going on and were both arrested.