A Casper man has been arrested and charged for throwing his wife and leaving her three children behind.

Eric Daring has been charged with one count of battery and three counts of child endangerment, after getting into a altercation with his wife.

According to Casper Police, on Thursday, December 1, Daring, his wife Amanda and her three children were in a vehicle at an east-side Casper eating establishment, when Eric and Amanda got into an argument.

Amanda told police that Eric started yelling at her, stopped the vehicle that he was driving, opened the passenger door and pulled her out by the shoulders and threw her to the ground.

Amanda hit her head upon contact and could not remember much else but witnesses told officers the children then got out of the car, while Eric got back in and took off.

When interviewed by police, Eric claimed he never laid a hand on his wife.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Bond has been set at $2,500.