Both of Wyoming's U.S Senators are traveling the state this week during the January home state work period for Congress.

Senator Mike Enzi was in Casper today Wednesday for a Lion's Club Luncheon. He also toured the state's only wound care facility, Wyoming Wound Care.

"Mike Reed runs that and it's very helpful cause I work a lot on Health care and so you get to find out first hand from the small business man what kinds of problems they have with billing, with Medicare , Medicaid,  home health care, those sort of things.  And it'll help as we're reviewing any rules that come out of the health care bill."

Noting that Wednesday was the day of the U.S. House vote on health care repeal, the Senator commented saying, while the Affordable Health Care Act helps some, its a small minority when your looking at all the people who get health care.

Enzi says the cost of implementing the Act, as it stands, is beyond what the country can afford. He believes there are better sustainable ways to approach health care expansion.

"There is a way that it can be done and it can be paid for. There were four Republican bills, one of them was mine, that would have done all the things the President kept talking about and would actually have them paid for."

We'll have more from the Senator Thursday at 5 o'clock  on Wyoming Tonight, as he reflects on security post-Tucson.