A poached bull elk was found shot out-of-season earlier this week at the Echo Mountain Ranch south of Glenrock and area game officials would like help solving the crime.

" This elk had been killed by a rifle. Unfortunately it was only archery season in this area at the time. So this individual not only hunted in the wrong season and with the wrong weapon, but this individual also abandoned the animal and this was a real nice trophy quality bull."

Robin Kepple, for the Casper Regional Game and Fish Offices, says a tip leading to an arrest could mean a $5000.00 reward.

"We really do rely on help from the public for help in these kinds of cases. There's almost always somebody in the vicinity, saw a pickup truck, may know something about it, somebody that talked or bragged."

A person can also choose to remain anonymous if they wish.

Kepple says, generally hunting an animal out of season can result in a fine of up to $780.00 with additional fines for abandoning a kill.

Anyone with information on this crime or other wildlife violations can contact the Stop Poaching hotline at 1-877-WGFD-TIP.

You can also report a poaching incident here, http://gf.state.wy.us/wildlife/enforcement/stoppoaching/submitTip.aspx