This is a reminder that for many in Wyoming your electric bill will rise  in just a few weeks, with the average household paying about six dollars more a month to Rocky Mountain Power.  It’s less than half what the company wanted, but it comes on the heels of a rate hike less than a year ago.

A-A-R-P Wyoming joined with other consumer groups in protesting the latest increase.

State director, Tim Summers, says while there was success in getting the price hike lowered, the company has indicated it will file rate cases every year for the next eight years…with the next case expected in December.

"It’s so important for all classes of consumers, the residential consumers, industrial, large business, small business - we’ve all got to stand together."

Summers says A-A-R-P doesn't begrudge the company for making a profit, but there are questions about the strategy and timing.

"We just think that these rate cases are coming too frequently and too excessively, and certainly don’t stand up to the ‘just and reasonable’ standard."

Rocky Mountain Power had argued for the increase to cover higher supply costs and infrastructure upgrades.

Wyoming News Service