One person has been arrested after being accused of stealing from his place of employment.

Edward Jones has been charged with one count of grand larceny after taking about thirty-four hundred dollars from the Casper Animal Medical Center.

According to police, the owner of the business stated that the thefts had been occurring since May and put up a camera to hopefully catch the perpetrator.

Back on December First, the owner reviewed some video a saw a male enter her office, and was using a cell phone as a flashlight because it was dark.

The person was standing near a filing cabinet where the money was kept.

Right before the person left, he turned and there the owner could see that he was wearing thick frame glasses.

The owner knew of only one such employee that wore those types of glasses and that was Jones.

Other employees of medical center who were responsible for bank drop-offs told police there were various times when the cash bag come up short as much as two-hundred and fifty dollars.

Officers reviewed the security tape and time cards from December first, and noticed that Jones had clocked out, minutes after the alleged theft, took place on camera.

When interviewed by police.  Jones admitted to the various thefts because he was trying to get money to his sister, who had cancer and that he knew where the money was kept.