A man who has admitted to entering the U.S.A.  illegally has been charged with strangling another person.

According to a Casper police affidavit, on Sunday morning (October 30th), Edgar Vioso-Roman returned home drunk and was confronted by Mariana Martinez about the issue.

Vioso-Roman then allegedly grabbed Martinez around the neck with both hands and threatened to kill her.

Martinez's sister was eventually able to separate the 2.

When officers arrived they noticed fresh bruising surrounded by red spots and minor lacerations on Martinez's throat.

Vioso-Roman said that the he and Martinez had lived together for a number of years and had children in common.

He also said that he was a Mexican citizen but was unable to provide any identification.

Vioso-Roman was arrested and charged with unlawful contact, and strangulation of a household member.

Police are still investigating his citizenship status.