The Wyoming Senate approved legislation removing the State Superintendent of Public Instruction as administrative head of the state department of education. The senate passed the bill on third and final reading by a 20-10 vote. An amendment that would have delayed the implementation of the bill until July 1st, 2015 was defeated.The bill now moves to the house.

House Majority Whip, Casper Representative Tim Stubson (HD-56) says things are moving along but there are some huge issues that will still need to be considered.

this is the point in the session where the issues continue to expand...

Lawmakers are considering passing state laws barring human trafficking in the state. The bill's sponsor House Minority Caucus Chairman, Representative Cathy Connolly (HD-13) says the state is the only one in the country without such laws. Connolly says trafficking cases are more common than many may believe, even in Wyoming.

... we have examples of human trafficking in the state...

The proposal would make it a felony to knowingly recruit, harbor, receive or participate in other ways in forced labor or sexual servitude. The House Judiciary Committee expressed interest in the bill on Tuesday, but delayed a vote until next Monday to clear up some questions about wording.

Representative Sue Wallis (HD-52) is sponsoring a bill that would make it illegal for outside groups to film alleged abuse at agriculture operations in the state. Wallis says organizations like the humane society of the us often distort the facts.

...have made it an industry in attacking farms and ranches...

Sweetwater County Senator John Hastert is sponsoring a bill that calls for the state to participate in the voluntary expansion of medicaid, under the affordable care act. Dan Perdue, president of the Wyoming Hospital Association, says that organization supports the expansion.'s good for's also good for the state's budget picture...

Governor Matt Mead has said he doesn't not support the voluntary expansion.

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