An Evansville man charged with unlawful use of a toxic substance and other offenses had his initial appearance in Circuit Court in Casper Thursday.

Police contact in parking lot:

Nathaniel Duane Lucas, 25, appeared before Circuit Court Judge Michael Patchen to face charges for possession, driving under suspension, driving without a lockout device, unlawful use of a toxic substance and no registration on his vehicle, all misdemeanors.

The charges come from a police call Wednesday evening when a security worker reported to police that a man purchased two cans of Dust Off and appeared to be inhaling the vapors in an isolated area of the Target parking lot. According to affidavit, police made contact with Lucas and found the Dust Off opened.

When Lucas was arrested for not having a license plate or lockout device on his vehicle, officers found marijuana residue in the vehicle console and in a small box.

Lucas pleaded not guilty to all charges and asked for a jury trial.

When making a recommendation for bond, Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Hambrick cited a history of prior offenses by Lucas, including a driving without insurance charge last month, a probation revocation in January, and a previous charge of driving without an ignition lockout device, with burglary and escape on his record.

Judge Patchen agreed with the prosecutor's recommendation and set bond at 5,000 cash or surety, and ordered Lucas to daily reporting if he is out on bond.