School district officials say it’s likely the Natrona County School District's board of trustees will green light an optional dual-language immersion pilot curriculum if enough parents of kindergartners express interest in the concept.

If it were to be adopted, students within the proposed curriculum would spend half of their school day learning in either Mandarin Chinese or Spanish.

Mark Mathern is the school district’s associate superintendent for curriculum and instruction. He says certain things would have to be demonstrated before the board approves funding for the proposed curriculum.

“They’re going to want to see that we’ll be able to demonstrate that parent interest is high, that we have the financial means to do this, and that we have a long-term commitment,” Mathern said.

The Wyoming Dual Immersion Parent Task Force will hold an informational meeting for parents interested in DLI on Thursday at the school district’s central services building at 7:00 p.m.