A drunk driver attempts to elude police over the weekend.

At approximately two-thirty Saturday morning, police noticed a gold two-thousand and four Chevy pick-up spin their tires out in the parking lot of twenty-eight hundred Cy Avenue. Upon observing the truck leaving the parking lot, the vehicle was noticed to have a broken rear passenger-side tail light.

When the officer engaged his overhead lights to make a routine traffic stop, the truck proceeded to lead him on a slow speed pursuit through a residential area.

After several minutes, the truck finally came to a stop at the intersection of Fifteenth street and Pine.

The arresting officer, according to protocol, removed his duty firearm and began giving commands to the driver to turn off and exit the vehicle with his hands in the air.

Jerad Dale Lee Champlin finally complied after being told three times to exit his truck.

According to affidavit, police observed Champlin stumbling and having difficulty maintaining his balance while walking.

Champlin was arrested, charged with driving under the influence, eluding, no insurance, and transported to the Natrona County Detention Center.