Beginning Thursday afternoon and continuing through Friday Wyoming Department of Transportation crews will be installing battery back-up systems at Wydot operated intersections throughout the Casper area.

"What were doing is going to all the state intersections and installing new battery back up systems. What that does is it allows for the signals to work if say the power were to go out. It keeps all the timing and that kind of stuff correct."

Wydot spokesman, Jeff Goetz, says each intersection will likely take about 10 minutes to complete. Crews will have to shut power off to the signals. Four-way stop signs and/or flaggers will be at each intersection to help keep traffic flowing. Motorists are asked to drive with caution if they see the signal is out and to treat the intersection as they would a four way stop.

The work affects only signals on the State Highway System, such as CY at Wyoming Boulevard, 1st and Center and 1st and Poplar. City intersections are not affected. The work will Not affect 2nd Street and Wyoming Boulevard.