The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is offering a $5,000 reward for information concerning 10 antelope that were killed on a county road in south-central Wyoming. The deaths occurred in late February on County Road 702, known by locals as the Baggs to Dixon back-road. Baggs Office Game Warden Ron Iversen thinks the antelope were run over intentionally.

Distance between first and last:

"Somebody could accidentally hit some antelope, or a group of antelope; they could get the vehicle stopped before 188 yards. It was 188 yards between the first antelope and the last antelope."

Mr. Iversen says another reason he believes it was intentional is because the road is graveled, rough and was snow covered at the time, so unless the person driving had a death wish, he or she wouldn't have been speeding along that road. He also noted the area was open and on a slight incline in the direction of travel.

And what have authorities been able to deduce about the vehicle?

Possible type of vehicle:

"We're thinking it was probably a pickup truck or bigger, and it probably has a grille guard on it. There was no glass or plastic found at the scene. It leads us to believe that it probably had some kind of big bumper on it."

Iversen said they have had a few calls but they're still at the point where they just want to know what happened, which means they aren't necessarily considering what charges the driver may face.

If the roadkill was thought to have been deliberate, the driver could face wanton destruction of wildlife charges, says Iversen.

Public eyes and ears:

"Thanks to the media coverage of this case, we have gotten some calls and we do surely appreciate that. They can call the stop-poaching number; they'll get back to me, or they can call me directly. My number is area code 307-383-2160. Public's my eyes and ears and I need the calls."

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department tip line is 1-877-943-3847, or 1-877-WGFDTIP. The number for callers outside Wyoming is 1-307-777-4330. You can also log onto their Web site at