An additional loop of fiber optic cable has been installed in downtown Casper. The news came to a city council work session on the same day of the first Wyoming Broadband Summit in Cheyenne. The additional loop will not only provide redundancy as the city moves toward fiber optic expansion and adoption, but along with it, the provider, Mountain West Telephone, says they want to create a free wireless hotspot downtown.

The hotspot would be part of a franchise agreement with the city now being drafted. That agreement requires public hearing before adoption. City Spokesman, Pete Meyers, says the additional fiber installation is a good thing.

"It's important for cities, for economic development purposes, to have access to high speed internet. It's something that businesses and individuals look for and I think it will be a nice service, especially for people who live in the downtown area."

The hotspot would reach to approximately the Nicolaysen at Kimball and Collins to the south and east, to Walnut on the west and north to "C" street.

First reading of an agreement will likely come at the November 20th regular city council meeting.